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About Us

Alskinny Brothers Health foods was founded by Mike and Matt Alksninis in 2018 in Boston Mass. Both fitness and health enthusiasts, Mike and Matt were unsatisfied with selection of “healthy” granola options on the market.  They found that many granolas were packed with hidden sugar, unhealthy fats, and unsafe additives hidden within a long list of ingredients; these products were usually heavily processed, genetically modified, and required a PhD in food science to truly decode the ingredients label.  Furthermore, the granolas that were seemingly healthy lacked a functional appeal – where does it fit into the day?  Matt and Mike became fixated on creating a granola that was not only transparent, super healthy and tasted great, but also served a purpose. 

Initially they made a granola to satisfy those 3pm cravings during long afternoons at work, then a granola to fuel up before and recover from workouts.  As time moved on, it dawned on them that other people may enjoy this granola too, and as Matt and Mike evolved the idea, it became clear this granola was designed for a special persona they dubbed the “Retail Athlete.” A Retail Athlete is an everyday working professional devoted to the mindful practice of health and wellness.  The phrase “working professional” comes in many forms from a full-time mom or dad to a corporate employee and everything in between.  The idea is built upon the notion that there is an athlete in all of us and we should fuel our bodies in a way that optimizes health, performance and how we feel.  After all, the Alskinny Brothers are retail athletes themselves; the brothers – Mike, a former Army Captain turned tech consultant, and Matt, a former college punter turned finance consultant – routinely travel the US together searching for new obstacle course races to conquer! 

Mike and Matt believe the quality of foods with which we choose to fuel our body are often directly correlated with how we feel – eating healthy is not always easy!  Alskinny brothers are passionate about doing their part to demystify the complexities of healthy eating though education and by providing a healthy, non-nonsense snack that you can eat guilt-free, makes you feel great, and serves a purpose in your everyday life.

Whether you are fueling up before a race, recovering from strenuous exercise, or just snacking through the day, Mike and Matt are passionate about designing food products and a brand that you can trust and makes you feel invigorated!  

-Mike & Matt